Welcome to the creative team of  "COCKROACH". 

We are Edina Meizel and Lumen Montalbano.

Together we've started a partnership under civil law:

Meizel & Montalbano, Cockroach Magazine GbR

For a short amount of time, I reside with the human in front of the lense in a world that Mandy and I created for them.

I offer to them a voyage outside of their comprehension, where they are free to lose themselves, to feel fear or fall in love with it. 

Then I let them be, alone, completely isolated and in solitary, while I watch them through the lense of my camera. 

I and Mandy Montalbano give it our all to prepare everything to utter perfection. Be it the props, the locations, the weather, nothing is too big of a challenge for us.

Doing Fashion and Makeup is not just art. It is science and passion. The moment you create something completely new with the products and fabrics you have is a magical moment that can't be explained.

Our creative team: I and Edina are friends and have been art companions for a long time. We´re scratching  the surface of unusual and distinctive topics. With our aim to be not mainstream we started magazine shootings and realized - very fast - that there is a nische. 

We want to fill that niche for all the other artists who don't find a platform for their work. As Oscar Wilde said: "l'art pour l'art."

Our Cockroach Magazine Editorial Staff: Naomi 

My love for the arts started in my early childhood where I browsed the countless art books of my mother.

There a world unveiled itself to me that will always be close to my heart.
Since then I've remained as an observer of the art world, whether it's the big and famous, like what you can find in the Luvre or the small and seemingly insignificant, like random graffiti on the wall.

I like to contribute my small but not meaningless part to this wondrous world. Where I can.
In my opinion every human being is capable of creating art and every single piece deserves to be heard and seen.
Now I have this unique opportunity to help make this a reality.

We proudly present